Before Disney Acquired Fox, 3D Realms Was in Pre-Production on a Co-Op Aliens FPS

Ahead of Disney’s Fox acquisition last year, 3D Realms, best known for Duke Nukem, was in talks to produce a co-op first-person shooter based on the Aliens franchise. Prior to the merger, in fact, 3D Realms had gotten pretty far into pre-production. The acquisition unfortunately resulted in the project’s cancellation.

3D Realms Vice President, Frederik Schreiber, noted as much on Twitter in response to Cliff Bleszinski whose now-defunct Boss Key Productions had also been in talks to develop an Aliens game. The 3D Realms project, specifically, would’ve been a four-player co-op experience that took place on the human colony Hadley’s Hope.

In a subsequent post, Schreiber divulged that the game was aptly titled Aliens: Hadley’s Hope. Schreiber also shared a couple of “Game Concept” pages, revealing Slipgate Ironworks’ involvement. Notably, Hadley’s Hope was meant to serve as a “storyworld-driven PVE multiplayer adventure shooter.”

Players would’ve assumed the roles of colonists or marines, teaming up to combat a “protective alien Queen” who safeguarded her eggs by any means. After making their way through numerous levels against the Queen’s alien Protectors, players would’ve then been treated to a boss battle against the Queen herself.

Here’s to hoping 3D Realms and Slipgate Ironworks one day get another shot at the franchise. After all, Disney recently opened the door for developers industry-wide to pitch ideas regarding Disney-owned properties. Considering the success of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the company is looking for studios to craft unique stories set in its myriad creative universes.

[Source: Frederik Schreiber on Twitter via VG247]