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Little Town Hero’s Western PS4 Release Date is Set for June 2020

Game Freak‘s turn-based RPG Little Town Hero will soon unleash its charm on PlayStation 4 in Western territories. The title is slated to launch on June 2nd in North America, with a physical version known as the Big Idea Edition. A European launch is set for June 5th. The boxed version will come with a poster, art book, lapel pin set, and soundtrack CD packed with music from Undertale creator, Toby Fox. Little Town Hero is still on track for a PS4 release in Japan on April 23rd.

Little Town Hero is also introducing the brand-new Easy Mode with its PS4 release. Easy Mode will provide players a far more laid-back experience. For one, enemy Dazzits will have lowered attack and defense. Enemies’ Special Effects are supposed to pop up at a less frequent rate, too.

A young boy named Axe is the star of Little Town Hero. Axe has wild ambitions of adventure, which include a desire to explore the world beyond his village. Discovering a mysterious stone gives Axe the chance at adventure he longs for, particularly due to its ability to bring his ideas to life. Still, achieving his dreams in the outside world must wait. When monsters suddenly begin attacking his village, Axe’s imagination becomes integral to protecting the town and unearthing the truth.

Little Town Hero originally launched on the Nintendo Switch in October 2019. Reviews were middling for the most part, though quite a few found it a favorable experience overall. Primarily, it seems Little Town Hero will draw in players due to its infectious charm. Game Freak is known for its work with Nintendo on the Pokemon franchise, though it’s had a few scattered releases on other platforms over the years, including 2015’s Tembo the Badass Elephant.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]