Kojima Posts 1917-Style Death Stranding Trailer, Making Fans Wonder What’s Next

The Sam Mendes-directed war film 1917 continues to take audiences by storm, with its harrowing World War I tale and one-shot camerawork. Notable movie buff Hideo Kojima seems a fan of the film, evidenced by his recently sharing a new Death Stranding trailer produced in a style that mirrors 1917. Is this a cleverly structured take on the Kojima title or is the Creative Director actually teasing something new? We can’t be too sure at present, especially since Kojima’s post features a “Coming 2020” caption.

See the 1917-inspired Death Stranding trailer in the following Twitter post from Kojima:

Both Kojima’s caption and a brief portion of the above trailer offer a 2020 tease. Of course, this has left fans wondering what the developer has up his sleeve. A potential DLC release seems the most popular guess. However, it is worth noting that Death Stranding will launch on PC sometime this year. As such, perhaps this new trailer merely serves as a clever and creative marketing tactic.

Whatever this new video entails, Kojima himself isn’t offering much in the way of hints. Since posting the clip late last night, his only response to the excitement surrounding it has been retweeting a fan-shared screenshot. With that in mind, barring updates, Death Stranding fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up for additional content releases.

The Academy Award-winning 1917 is still available in select theaters. Death Stranding is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, and will migrate to PC on an unspecified date this summer.

[Source: Hideo Kojima on Twitter]