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Star Wars Project Maverick is Reportedly EA Motive’s Game, May Feature Multiplayer

Yesterday, leaked information from PlayStation Network’s European database unveiled the existence of Star Wars Project Maverick. Very little is known about the game, especially since EA has yet to even acknowledge it. However, further details from the database indicate Project Maverick may feature a multiplayer component. Evidence also points towards Project Maverick’s being EA Motive’s Star Wars game.

The leak came courtesy of PSN releases on Twitter, a bot that tracks updates to Sony’s service. Following the leak, one Twitter user reached out to the bot’s creator, Luciano Ciccariello, to ask for the Title ID. Ciccariello quickly obliged, leading to the discovery of a link to Project Maverick’s content ID listing on PSN. Courtesy of Gematsu, we now a bit more about the unannounced experience.

For one, it is not a virtual reality project, as some fans voiced concerns about online. This much seems clear thanks to a tag near the bottom of the content ID page that reads, “psVr”: “No.” Project Maverick will, however, feature a multiplayer component of some kind, evidenced by a “PlayTogether” tag that’s followed by a parameter of five. According to Gematsu, Play Together allows players to start a game from the PlayStation 4’s party screen.

In a Twitter post, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier implied this is indeed EA Motive’s Star Wars game, responding to a fan who asked about an “unusual project” he’d written about previously. See the brief exchange below:

EA Motive’s unannounced project seems the only one that’s previously been teased as unusual. Last December, the studio’s VP and General Manager, Patrick Klaus, hinted at the team’s “very unique Star Wars experience.” At the time of writing, both EA and EA Motive remain silent about Star Wars Project Maverick.

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