God of War Hack Shows Baldur Giving Kratos the Finger Off-Camera

Calling Kratos’ and Baldur’s relationship contentious throughout 2018’s God of War would be a massive understatement. At every turn, the two are out to kill one another by any means. However, Baldur’s strong disdain for Kratos isn’t only evidenced in the violent way with which the two battle. Baldur also makes his hatred known behind Kratos’ back, giving him the finger off-camera.

YouTuber Lance McDonald, known for his Bloodborne and Silent Hills/P.T. hacks, discovered the hilarious God of War easter egg. During their first fight, Kratos tosses Baldur off the side of a cliff. The mischievous villain tumbles down, but apparently does so in style. Thanks to McDonald’s camera hack, it’s clear Baldur flips Kratos off midair during his fall.

McDonald shared a clip of his discovery in the following Twitter post:

This amusing easter egg raises quite a few questions. Chief among them is who from SIE Santa Monica Studio is responsible, and did they expect fans to actually find it? With the power of social media, hopefully the answer will surface sometime soon.

God of War has been nothing short of a runaway success for Sony and Santa Monica Studio. Kratos’ long-awaited return deservedly earned countless awards and warrants praise as a commercial hit, selling 10 million units in one year. Word on a potential follow-up remains under wraps for now, but many a fan has their fingers crossed for another adventure starring Kratos and Atreus.

In other God of War-related news, Santa Monica Studio Head Shannon Studstill recently departed the company. She currently leads a new studio for Stadia Games in Playa Vista. 19-year PlayStation veteran Yumi Yang now serves as the Sony team’s Studio Head.

[Source: Lance McDonald on Twitter via IGN]