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God of War Sells 10 Million Units in a Year

Sony hasn’t released solid figures about God of War sales in quite some time. Still, the title’s meteoric success broke records at launch, topping 3.1 million units sold in three days. Now its long-term success has a more defined metric attached. According to a presentation given by SIE CEO and President, Jim Ryan, during Sony IR Day 2019, God of War has passed 10 million copies sold worldwide.

Daniel Ahmad, Senior Analyst at Niko Partners, posted a graphic depicting the sales numbers of a few PlayStation exclusives. Across PlayStation 4 platforms, God of War, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and The Last of Us Remastered have all reached the coveted 10 million units sold milestone. It’s quite the impressive feat, really. What’s particularly interesting is none of the aforementioned PlayStation exclusives achieving this milestone during the PlayStation 3’s lifetime. See the graphic in Ahmad’s tweet below:

Considering its launch numbers, God of War’s continued success is nothing to scoff at. Within its first month on the market, Kratos’ return moved a total of five million units on the PlayStation 4. The latest figure of 10 million means  another five million copies were sold in just a year’s time. Again, this seems nothing short of an impressive feat.

Of course, the game’s triumphs don’t stop there. A documentary about the title’s development, Raising Kratos, recently hit YouTube and has already amassed over one million views on the official PlayStation channel. Success is likely to be generated elsewhere, too, as there seems no shortage of God of War memorabilia to collect. For example, there exists merchandise celebrating the one-year anniversary of the game’s April 2018 launch. In addition, Prime 1 Studio just announced plans to release premium God of War figures, impressive in sculpt and no doubt incredibly expensive.

[Source: Sony via Daniel Ahmad on Twitter]