New God of War Documentary Announced, Trailer Shows Never-Before-Seen Teaser for the 2018 Title

An anniversary sale isn’t all Sony announced to celebrate God of War‘s first birthday. In collaboration with developer Santa Monica Studio, the company is working on a full-length feature documentary that gives a rare glimpse into the game’s development over the course of three years.

Titled Raising Kratos, the documentary will be published “very soon” by PlayStation’s official YouTube channel. Here’s a trailer to hold you over in the meantime:

Before you get excited about the final scenes in the trailer, it’s not what you think it is. When users assumed Sony was teasing another game, Director Cory Barlog took to Twitter to reveal that this is actually the original pre-rendered teaser trailer for last year’s entry that Santa Monica studio was planning to “hide” in God of War III Remastered. However, the studio ran out of time and the teaser was shelved until now.

“This is the first time PlayStation took a chance in telling a story about the ‘People’ who created this work of art,” said Scott Rohde, Game Development Head of Worldwide Studios, America. “After nearly three years in production, and 400 hours of footage, please follow this cinematic journey of second chances rooted in family, sacrifice, struggle, and doubt.”

According to Sony, Raising Kratos isn’t just a “making of” video. The documentary is a collection of developer experiences and shows how they put “relentless time and effort” into making the award-winning title.

“All creative endeavors, especially those of this magnitude, require an incredible amount of dedication and focus that constantly toe the fine line that separates both success and failure,” Rohde continued. “The hope is that once people see the experience of Santa Monica Studio unfold on the screen, they will recognize the undying passion for their work and the incredible respect they have for their craft.”

We’ll update our readers when the documentary is released.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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