shadow man remastered

Classic Action Action Adventure Games Shadow Man is Receiving a Remaster

Nightdive Studios is bringing yet another 1990s classic to modern platforms. This time, the company is teaming with Valiant Entertainment to reintroduce the world to Shadow Man in the form of Shadow Man: Remastered. A refined version of the 1999 action adventure title will come to PlayStation 4, PC via GOG and Steam, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. At the time of writing, neither company has shared release date details.

With Shadow Man: Remastered, Nightdive aims to provide gamers with the modern features they expect. This is to be accomplished while also “preserving the qualities that made Valiant’s iconic character and the original Shadow Man game such memorable classics to begin with,” according to Stephen Kick, Nightdive’s CEO.

Acclaim Studios developed the original Shadow Man, which launched in 1999 on PlayStation 1, Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, and PC. Based on Valiant Comics’ Shadowman property, the 1999 release served as an action-adventure title wherein players assumed the role of the titular Shadow Man, a supernatural hero. Shadow Man proved quite a formidable force, too, protecting humanity against demons from the Deadside who found their way into our world.

Apart from 2014’s digital rerelease on PC by Nightdive Studios, Shadow Man’s interactive adventures have been lost for two decades. Shadow Man: Remastered will reintroduce the hero in style, courtesy of the following features:

  • 4K widescreen display
  • Dynamic shadow mapping
  • Dynamic per-pixel lighting
  • Antialiasing, and other post-process effects
  • Higher density of particle effects
  • Refined art, audio, and assets
  • Refined gameplay experience
  • Reintroduction of missing content cut from the original game
  • Xbox, PlayStation 4, Controller Pro support
  • HDR Rendering

This announcement represents Nightdive’s second big surprise over the last several days. Just last week, the studio unveiled plans to remaster Blade Runner’s point-and-click adventure game from 1997. Slated to arrive this year, Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition will also launch across the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One platforms.