Sam Fisher Returns to Ghost Recon in Breakpoint’s Upcoming Deep State Adventure

Ubisoft is continuing its trend of putting Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher in everything minus a new Splinter Cell. Soon the covert operative will return to Ghost Recon for a new Breakpoint adventure known as “Deep State.” For now, details are scant. However, Breakpoint players can look forward to the new content on March 24th. The Terminator will apparently feature in this Deep State adventure as well, so things are getting pretty wild.

Ghost Recon’s Twitter account teased the news in the following post, complete with a brief video:

It’s unclear whether Deep State will launch as a free update or serve as paid DLC. With March 24th nearly upon us, though, it shouldn’t be too long before Ubisoft unleashes official details.

This marks the second time Sam Fisher has appeared in a Ghost Recon title. The first occurrence took place in a “Special Operation” for Ghost Recon Wildlands in 2018. Then, fans were of the mind that it was a hint at future Splinter Cell announcements. However, no such luck has come to fruition. In fact, despite Ubisoft’s preparing to launch five new titles by March 2021, a recent report suggests an all-new Sam Fisher adventure won’t count among them.

There does seem to exist some sliver of hope. Earlier this year, a former Splinter Cell Creative Director, Maxime Beland, returned to Ubisoft after spending eight months at Epic. Such news came in the midst of reports that Ubisoft planned to restructure its editorial team to ensure the development of more varied experiences.

For now, though, it appears Fisher’s new Ghost Recon mission serves as another opportunity for Ubisoft to work on Splinter Cell’s brand bit by bit. Fingers crossed it eventually culminates in the franchise’s long-awaited comeback.