PS4 Players Can Explore the Depths of Capybara Games’ Below on April 7th

Developer Capybara Games recently announced plans to bring its haunting exploration title Below to PlayStation 4 this spring. Finally, the release has a firm launch date attached. PS4 players can begin exploring the depths of Below in a couple of weeks on April 7th for $24.99.

Alongside the title’s PS4 release, Capybara Games will launch a free update that introduces an Explore Mode. This “more accessible” version of the roguelike adventure will become available on PC and Xbox One, as well. While Explore Mode is to offer something a bit more approachable, Capybara Games ensures the “mystery and danger” of Below remains intact. Those who want to experience all of the game’s challenges need not fret. The original Survive Mode is still available and untouched.

Explore Mode will debut a host of changes to Below. In Explore Mode, players won’t have to manage hunger or thirst. Drinking from puddles and bottles is also off the table. However, cooking soup will still require bottles of water. And for good reason, too, since soup restores health in the new mode. In terms of survival, Explore Mode debuts a Death’s door teleport to the Island.

Other changes for Explore Mode include the removal of one-hit deaths, making all damage “bleed damage,” and the assurance that campfires “don’t clear after use.” In addition, Below’s Explore and Survive modes will be assigned to two different save slots.

For a closer look at the new content, check out the Explore announcement trailer from February in the following video:

[Source: Capybara Games]