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Netflix Is Making a Dragon’s Lair Live-Action Movie Starring Ryan Reynolds

Netflix has signed a deal to make a live-action adaptation of classic video game Dragon’s Lair. The company has reportedly been negotiating the deal for a year, and has tapped Ryan Reynolds to star in the movie based on the 1980s arcade hit.

The production team includes Reynolds (Maximum Effort), Roy Lee (Vertigo Entertainment), and Trevor Engelson (Underground Films) alongside Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, and Jon Pomeroy. The script will be penned by Dan and Kevin Hageman (The Lego Movie).

First released in 1983, Dragon’s Lair tells the story of a knight known as Dirk the Daring who’s on a quest to rescue Princess Daphne from dragon Singe. She’s locked away in evil wizard Mordroc’s castle.

Dragon’s Lair‘s popularity saw the series ported to a number of platforms over the years alongside being adapted into television and comic book series. The Dragon’s Lair Trilogy is available for the PlayStation 4 but the series received its last main installment in 2002 when Dragonstone Software and Ubisoft released a 3D version titled Dragon’s Lair 3D: Return to the Lair for the PS2, Xbox, GameCube, and PC.

No further details about the upcoming adaption are available at this time.

Netflix seems to be a on a roll when it comes to tapping video game series. More recently, the streaming service’s take on The Witcher went on to become a global success, and its Castlevania series continues to enjoy popularity. The former has been renewed for a second season and the latter has been renewed for a fourth season.

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