Job Listing Suggests Crytek is Working on an ‘Unannounced AAA Title’

This past Monday, the official Crysis Twitter account tweeted for the first time in well over three years. Such a move naturally led fans to believe Crytek has either a remaster or another Crysis entry in the works. While there’s no word on what the studio has in production beyond continued support for Hunt: Showdown, a recent job listing may offer a tinge of insight. According to said listing, the team is hard at work on an “unannounced AAA title.”

SegmentNext spotted the listing on Crytek’s website, which indicates the studio’s intention to hire a Technical Director at its Franfurt, Germany location. Whenever the new recruit is brought aboard, they will be in a position to “drive the development of an unannounced AAA title.”

The listing asks that applicants meet the expected requirements, such as 10 years or so in the gaming industry, previous work as a lead on a AAA project, etc. However, there does exist one requirement of interest: “Experience in game development on PCs (Windows, Linux) and current-generation consoles.” Crytek’s posting presently includes no mention of next-gen systems. This doesn’t mean the unannounced title won’t make its way to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Perhaps Crytek’s new game will simply be a cross-gen release? We’ll have to wait for an official reveal to know for certain either way.

Still, it seems that the studio is gearing up for something. The Crysis Twitter account has continued to tease… something, with even more activity since its initial tweet earlier this week.

As noted above, Hunt: Showdown counts as the Germany-based developer’s most recent release. The multiplayer experience came to PlayStation 4 in February, pitting 10 players against one another in a Louisiana bayou setting. Our review gave Crytek’s latest an 8 out of 10, praising its exciting PvP and PvE offerings, while finding fault with its arguably lackluster number of gameplay modes.

[Source: Crytek via SegmentNext]