Crytek’s Hunt: Showdown Finally Comes to PlayStation 4 in February

Crytek’s competitive first-person shooter Hunt: Showdown was meant to land on the PlayStation 4 last fall. While a lengthy delay obviously held back its release, things are now looking up for the PS4 version. Hunt: Showdown comes to the Sony platform next month on February 18th. In addition, Koch Media will serve as the title’s publisher from here on out on the PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Crytek plans to maintain its role as publisher of the Steam version.

Additionally, Crytek promises that Update 1.2 will arrive “very soon” across all platforms. The new content will debut an advanced tutorial, fresh equipment and weapons, new Legacy Hunters, and random teams of three. Even though Update 1.2 lacks a solid release date, the studio has teased what the future holds beyond the new update’s launch. Notably, Crytek aims to launch much larger updates for Hunt: Showdown, one of which will feature cross-play between consoles. Future updates are also expected to usher in a live event, Solo PvE mode, a brand-new map, and costume customization.

Hunt: Showdown’s setting takes place in Louisiana bayous. 10 players are pit against each in either solo matches or teams of two. Combining combat and survival tactics is essential to enduring the harsh environment, especially given the task at hand–hunting swamp creatures. At its core, Hunt: Showdown represents an amalgamation of PvP and PvE experiences, offering players a completely unique online adventure. Fortunately, PlayStation 4 players don’t have to wait too much longer to try out the title for themselves.

[Source: Crytek via VG247]