Crysis Website Prematurely Unveils Remaster for Consoles and PC

After a couple of days of teasing from Crysis‘ once dormant Twitter page, it seems we now know what’s next for the franchise. Crytek apparently plans to release a Crysis remaster for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. This is according to an official website’s Cookie Policy page. As of writing, however, said page is no longer active.

IGN managed to grab a screenshot of the image that the page boasted. Thanks to Digital Foundry, there’s also another photo floating around with a “Remastered” tag and the logos for current-gen hardware attached. Check out both images below:

Crysis Remastered ps4

Crysis Remastered ps4

Neither Crytek nor the franchise’s original publisher, Electronic Arts, have officially unveiled the news. It most certainly seems real, though. IGN reports that a blurb on the now inaccessible webpage read as follows: “Crytek’s ground-breaking, critically acclaimed first person shooter is back! Crysis Remastered is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch – the game’s debut on a Nintendo platform.” Release date details remain under wraps at present, but it is supposedly “coming soon.”

IGN additionally makes note of a hexagonal image from the webpage, which features a small glimpse at the remaster itself:

crysis remastered ps4

Hints at the return of Crysis first surfaced earlier this week, courtesy of a very brief post on the series’ Twitter page. The following day, yet another short post was shared on the account. It’s only a matter of time before sometime concrete from Crytek goes live.

In other Crytek-related news, the Germany-based studio is looking to hire a new Technical Director. According to an online job listing, this new hire will “drive the development of an unannounced AAA title.” Evidently, Crytek has more than one surprise in the works.

[Source: Crysis Website via IGN]