Crysis Account Tweets for the First Time in Years, Sparking Waves of Speculation

The official Crysis Twitter account has been dormant for nearly three and a half years. Now a new post has gone live, sharing two words in all caps: “RECEIVING DATA.” Naturally, this has spawned a wave of speculation about what Crytek and Electronic Arts may be planning for the franchise’s future.

Check out the tweet:

Of course, many a fan remains eager for a potential Crysis 4. Although, hopes are also high for a remastered collection of the first three installments. It’s worth noting that the possibilities are quite varied. Who’s to say a Google Stadia announcement or the like isn’t incoming? Whatever the case may be, this tease, no matter how minimal, seems nothing short of exciting for long-time fans.

Crysis first launched late in 2007. For the most part, its first-person shooting mechanics and adaptive gameplay tactics were held to high esteem. A sequel, Crysis 2, following in spring 2011, greatly expanding upon its predecessor’s many strengths. Crysis 3, the most recent entry, hit store shelves in February 2013. Very little has been heard from the series since then.

For years, Crytek and Electronic Arts touted Crysis as the best-looking shooter on the market. Arguably, such self-aggrandizement wasn’t too off the mark. (Remember how good blades of grass looked in Crysis 3 on PS3?) Its gameplay consistently raised the bar as well, most notably thanks to the Nanosuit, which allowed players to mix and match tech advancements to their preferred style of play. If the series does return in the near future, it’ll be a thrill to see how Crysis takes advantage of gaming’s evolution since its last outing.

Crytek’s latest project, Hunt: Showdown, came to the PS4 earlier this year. Unlike Crysis, it’s a multiplayer-only shooter, set in the marshes of Louisiana.

[Source: Crysis on Twitter]