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Sony Sent Back Repaired Console to PS4 Owner Along With a Free Game

Because of issues with the disc reader, Reddit user pnut88 sent their PlayStation 4 to Sony for repairs not too long ago. Unsurprisingly, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic meant repairs took a bit longer than expected. When the PS4 owner finally did receive their newly fixed console, they were pleased to find something extra packaged with it–a free copy of MLB The Show 20.

The Redditor shared a photo of the free game on imgur, alongside a “Thank You” letter written by The PlayStation Service Team. See the photo below:

free ps4 game

The letter thanks the PS4 owner for continuing to support the PlayStation brand during these trying times. As a token of appreciation, the Service Team mailed the extra game back along with the console. According to MP1st, however, Redditor pnut88 won’t be holding on to MLB The Show 20, since they’re no fan of the baseball sim. In communicating with the user, MP1st learned the game will instead go to another Reddit user, who enjoys playing MLB The Show 19 with his wife but hasn’t yet purchased the latest game in the franchise. It’s awesome to see one kind gesture paid forward to benefit someone else.

Apparently, pnut88 never even reached out to Sony about the long wait on repairs. It seems, then, that Sony sent along the surprise game as a simple act of kindness rather than some kind of recompense for an angry customer.

PS4 players in general can gain access to other free games, too. Both Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collects are up for grabs free of charge, because of PlayStation’s coronavirus-inspired #PlayAtHome initiative. In China and Germany, Knack 2 stands in place of the Nathan Drake Collection (which you can get with a different region PSN even if you don’t live there). Each of these free offers will come to an end early next month on May 5th.

[Source: Reddit via MP1st]