DualSense’s Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers ‘Can Be Real Game-Changers,’ Says Dying Light Dev

Dying Light studio Techland has joined a growing list of developers who are excited about the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, and has noted that it comes with features that have the potential to be “real game-changers.”

Speaking about the DualSense’s design and features to folks over at Push Square, Lead game designer Tymon Smektala said:

I absolutely love it. It’s an amazing design, as futuristic as we should expect in 2020 – the sci-fi times we already live in. As for the shape, we need to see how it will fit in the hands, but looking at it I get very good vibes – I think it has a chance to be one of the best in history, just big enough but neat and funky at the same time.

I also think that the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers can be real game-changers, way more than people expect right now. I’m curious about the overall sturdiness of the thing. It looks so sleek I wonder if it will survive accidental falls and rage quits. But all in all, even though I know the initial opinions were varied, for me it’s absolutely fantastic.

Earlier this month, Sony promised that the DualSense’s haptic feedback will add “a variety of powerful sensations” while playing games, and the addition of adaptive triggers will further enhance the tension players will feel from their actions.

“With adaptive triggers, we had to consider how the components would fit into the hardware, without giving it a bulky feeling,” Sony wrote. The company said that battery life was also taken into consideration when designing the features.

[Source: Push Square]