The Next State of Play Broadcast Will Be All About Ghost of Tsushima

PlayStation’s State of Play streams have been absent for the last several months, with no word from Sony on when they’d return or what they might feature. They’ll soon mount a comeback, though. This Thursday, May 14th, Sony plans to host a new State of Play at 1:00pm PST. And it won’t be like previous streams, wherein a variety of games are shown off. Instead, PlayStation fans can look forward to a State of Play centered around Ghost of Tsushima.

This special State of Play broadcast will apparently be quite lengthy. According to a PlayStation Blog post from SIE’s Senior Director of Content Communications, Sid Shuman, the current runtime is clocking in at approximately 18 minutes. That’s right, 18 minutes of Ghost of Tsushima awesomeness. During the broadcast, Sony will unleash fresh gameplay footage that includes a look at combat, exploration, and much more. Don’t expect any other PlayStation-related updates, though. Again, Ghost of Tsushima will be the sole star of the show, without any other games on deck. As the final PlayStation exclusive of the year before the PlayStation 5 releases, it makes sense that Sony would want to drive a lot of attention to it ahead of turning the focus to the PlayStation 5 reveal.

The most recent look at Ghost of Tsushima in action came via a story trailer earlier this year. Before then, the title hadn’t been shown since The Game Awards in December.

State of Play’s last stream went live in December 2019, too. That particular broadcast also showcased details about a slew of games that have since released, such as Dreams, Resident Evil 3’s remake, and the Kingdom Hearts III DLC.

Sucker Punch’s long-awaited Ghost of Tsushima was originally set to launch late in June. However, a recent delay pushed it back several weeks after some shuffling to make room for the new The Last of Us Part II release date. The title will now come to the PS4 this summer on July 17th.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]