UPDATE: Japanese Job Listing Suggests PlayStation 5 Launches in October 2020

UPDATE: Famitsu reached out to Sony for further details regarding the job listing. The company responded (via VG247), making it known that the date is incorrect. A Google translation of Sony’s statement reads as follows: “It was due to a mistake in the recruitment site, not the content that was written by our company.”

ORIGINAL STORY: Apart from Sony’s insistence that PlayStation 5 remains on track for a release this holiday season, there exists no true launch date for the new system. A Japanese job listing may help narrow things down a bit, however. If a posting on Rikunabi is anything to go by, the next PlayStation console could roll out as early as October of this year.

Twitter user Nibellion spotted the listing on Rikunabi’s website. According to a job description attached to the application, Sony will “select the best suppliers from domestic and overseas parts partners, coordinate hardware parts specifications, and produce capacity in cooperation with the Design Department and the Quality Assurance Department to create PlayStation 5, which will be released in October 2020.”

See the following image for a screenshot of the application guidelines where the above is mentioned:

playstation 5 release

An October release does not seem far beyond the realm of possibility, particularly as there is precedent for it. The PlayStation 2 launched in North America late in October of 2000. Both of Sony’s major console releases since then, however, have had North American release date in November. Who’s to say the company won’t switch thing up this time, though?

Of course, before anyone can become too invested in talks of a release date, Sony still needs to formally unveil the PlayStation 5 itself. As of now, we’ve seen nothing more than the DualSense controller. A launch library of games, the actual console, and other related details remain under wraps at present.

Rumor has it such a reveal is on schedule for sometime next month. According to word from VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, Sony plans to showcase the PS5 on June 4th. Jason Schreier recently shared a similar detail, claiming that a special event is on the cards for early to mid June, unless coronavirus-related circumstances derail said intentions.

[Source: Rikunabi via Nibel on Twitter]