Amazon UK Confirms Recent PlayStation 5 Listings Were an ‘Error’

Yesterday, a couple of listings for the PlayStation 5 went live on Amazon UK’s storefront. The pages marked the next-gen console’s price at £599.99, over $680 USD. These were clearly placeholder listings, but some folks online still voiced concerns over the prices potentially ringing true. Amazon UK itself has officially allayed such worries. As expected, the listings were “an error.”

A PR rep for the online retailer shared a clarifying statement with IGN, noting that the 1TB and 2TB PlayStation listings served as little more than “a dummy product with a dummy price.” Typically, Amazon will craft these dummy listings ahead of big events where concrete information is likely to appear. Such a move allows the retailer to simply fill in the accurate details in a more timely fashion, IGN explained.

This evidently applies to the slew of next-gen game listings that were found on Amazon UK as well. Said pages priced a series of unnamed titles from a wide variety of publishers at the price of £69.99, £10 more than the cost of games this generation. Interestingly, these filings were specifically dubbed “dummy listings” on their respective pages.

It’s unknown whether Sony will share the cost of its new console during today’s PS5 event, which goes live at 1:00pm PST. Details of this nature probably shouldn’t be anticipated, however. After all, the livestream is being marketed as one that will primarily focus on games.

According to a recent financial results presentation, PlayStation 5 still remains on track for its planned holiday 2020 release. This same presentation saw Sony confirm that, despite coronavirus, no “major problems” had been encountered with regards to software development.

[Source: IGN]