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Stadia Accidentally Released a Playable Build of Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters

Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters is one of those games that we don’t expect to see anytime soon, but thanks to a Google Stadia blooper, we can at least check out an early playable build.

Last Thursday, players found a game called Orpheus in Stadia’s store that they were able to download, and they quickly realized that it was Gods & Monsters. Ubisoft is scrubbing any videos it finds but there are still plenty that you can find on YouTube. Here’s one still embedded on Reddit at the time of this writing:

A short video of Gods and Monsters gameplay! from r/Stadia

In a statement to Kotaku, Ubisoft confirmed that this is an early build that doesn’t represent the current vision. What’s more is that Gods & Monsters has undergone a name change (Orpheus is a code name).

Executive Producer Marc-Alexis Cote said:

Our vision for the game formerly known as Gods & Monsters has evolved in surprising ways, which is common when developing exciting new worlds. This footage is from our E3 2019 demo, which was shown to select press last June and is now over one year old. Much has changed since then in terms of features, tone, art and character design, and even the name of the game. We are hard at work and very excited to finally show players what we have created at the end of summer.

Google issued an apology to Ubisoft, admitting that “a few hundred” people were able to play the demo, which was live for at least half an hour.

[Source: Kotaku]