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PAX West, PAX Australia Canceled, Combined into PAX Online in September

Throw another heaping helping of convention shrimp on the barbie, as PAX West and PAX Australia 2020 are officially canceled in an IRL capacity. Given the fact that coronavirus cases are on the rise—again and still—in many areas and this thing is very much not under control, it makes perfect sense that both events would see their respective doors shuttered for 2020. That said, PAX top brass is going the route of least resistance–and one we’ve gotten used to more and more–and combining the two events into an online mega event.

PAX Online will take place September 12-20 in place of both PAX West and Australia, featuring a “shared experience home, along with game reveals, exclusive hands-on experiences, the chance to hear from and speak with your favorite game developers,” according to a press release from the PAX organizers themselves.

The announcement details some of the big changes being made by the shift:

PAX Online will bring fan-favorite content 24 hours a day, over 9 days, all for free and most importantly a chance to connect with and make new friends and serve as a digital space encompassing everything fans love about PAX Aus and West’s annual bash including surprising game reveals, hands-on demos, thrilling esports tournaments, a carefully curated selection in the Indie Showcase, as well as new partnerships bringing the virtual show floor to life as ReedPOP and Penny Arcade translate their creative vision into an accessible new format.

While no specifics were given about what demos, tournaments, and curation will actually be at the show, PAX does mention that a fresh lineup of merchandise and convention-exclusive goods will be available during the show, including jackets, hoodies, pins, and more. And, honestly: We all need more enamel pins in our life. Panel submissions are open to submit today and will close July 24th. Developers that would like to register for the PAX Online Indie Showcase can submit now until July 17th. Those interested or just looking for more information should venture over to the PAX Online website and take a look.