Mafia: Definitive Edition Will Allow Players to Adjust Police Presence Settings

The police in the Mafia series can be difficult to maneuver around. In Mafia II, for example, speeding near a cop is an instant infraction–just as it is in real life. Such instances were similarly intense in the franchise’s original entry. However, developer Hangar 13 will give players the option in Mafia: Definitive Edition to adjust police presence settings for a more streamlined experience.

Hangar 13 President and CCO Haden Blackman revealed the new options during a recent USgamer interview. Mafia: Definitive Edition will include typical difficulty settings. Yet, it will also feature options for adjusting both police presence and how they handle certain infractions. This will allow players to simply enjoy the overall experience sans the added stressors should they so choose. Those who want to play Mafia as originally designed, overbearing police presence included, can do that, too.

What Mafia: Definitive Edition won’t include is Mafia III’s unique policing system. The latter reflected racism of the 1960s by ensuring cops responded at a slower pace in Black neighborhoods. In predominantly white communities, especially those on the wealthier side of the tracks, the police response felt quicker. According to Blackman, such a system won’t make the jump to Mafia: Definitive Edition as it doesn’t make sense for the narrative.

He explained further,

One of the things that I was really proud about with Mafia II is the fact that we were able to take kind of gameplay and narrative and marry them in that way. With [Mafia: Definitive Edition], because of the nature of the story, the setting, and who the character is, that particular system didn’t seem as relevant. While that one system didn’t make the transition, because it just didn’t translate into the story or the time period, a number of others like the simulation mode of driving did.

Step into the shoes of the franchise’s original mafioso, Tommy Angelo, when Mafia: Definitive Edition arrives later this summer on August 28th.

[Source: USgamer]