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Media Molecule Adding PlayStation VR Support to Dreams on July 22nd

In a roadmap released in mid-March, Media Molecule set a few Dreams-related goals for itself. Chief among the studio’s targeted plans was a “VR expansion,” or rather, virtual reality support for the game. Not too long thereafter, this goal became more of a reality when Media Molecule began publicly searching for VR playtesters. Now it’s really real–Dreams will receive full blown PlayStation VR support late next month on July 22nd.

The studio unveiled release details during the DreamsCom showcase earlier today. This batch of content will launch in the form of a free update known as Inside the Box. In addition to PSVR compatibility, the update will boast how-to guides, a host of new tutorials, and kits meant to aid players in their Dreams-centric VR journey.

DreamShaping in VR will feature how-to guides, all created with beginners in mind. A post on the PlayStation Blog from Media Molecule’s Communications Manager, Abbie Heppe, advises players to start with the “Best Practices” how-to guide before delving further into tutorials. Apparently, the more in-depth guides will help VR players explore “new gadgets” that are set to debut in the forthcoming expansion.

Furthermore, the PSVR update will come with VR-enabled Create Mode, meaning players can now shape their own dreams from within the VR space. Supposedly, Move controllers should further enhance this “truly unique” experience. Additional enhancements are likely to be reflected in Create Mode’s new gadgets and accessibility features, such as comfort mode and vignette strength. And don’t worry, VR and non-VR players will still be able to create and share content together.

Similar to Dreams proper, the VR update will launch with a variety of pre-made content. Games like Box Blaster serve as but one example. Meanwhile, Media Molecule plans to include Inside the Box Gallery, essentially a tool box complete with sculpts and art from developers to help you get started, or add those finishing touches.

Media Molecule’s Dreams is available now digitally and at retail for the PlayStation 4.

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