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Media Molecule is Looking for EU-Based Gamers to Playtest VR in Dreams

For quite a long while, Media Molecule has been teasing its VR plans for Dreams. The studio recently teased that VR implementation was already in progress. Now it looks like there’s something to show for the hard work. At present, Media Molecule wants to bring in Europe-based gamers to playtest a VR beta.

Media Molecule shared news of the beta testing in the following social media post:

Dreams and PlayStation VR owners who are interested in testing should fill out a screener. Those selected by Media Molecule to join the beta testing will take part in a “three-phase project” that involves the following and will result in a £200 payment:

Phase 1: One-hour introductory session, via video call, on June 2nd or June 3rd.

Phase 2:  Two-week diary study from June 3rd through June 17th, during which time you would be required to provide short reports every one to two days on your experience of playing the game.

Phase 3: Final interview on June 17th, June 18th, or June 19th, lasting one-hour, via video call. The final incentive payment would be processed at this point.

Media Molecule has yet to detail when VR support for Dreams will roll out for everyone. But with the beta beginning shortly, perhaps such news will go live in the coming months?

The studio originally announced that work on VR support had begun back in March, along with a few of its other post-launch milestone. One such milestone is already live in the form of a free demo that hit PSN earlier this month.

Dreams is available now on the PlayStation 4.

[Source: Media Molecule on Twitter]