Honk Out Loud for Untitled Goose Game Lovely Edition Physical Release Bundle

Physical releases live! In a world where smaller indie developers can’t bring their games to big box storefronts, these digital-only games continue to get actual, physical releases. Chalk it up to fine physical gaming goods purveyor iam8bit and its dedication to bringing the weird and wonderful world of digital indie games into the material world with limited-run releases. One such release is the Untitled Goose Game Lovely Edition for PS4, announced today in collaboration with iam8bit and developer House House. This sleek and snazzy physical edition comes with all the things one needs to experience the joy brought forth by a game with a dedicated honk button. Honk!

untitled goose game lovely edition

Available for pre-order now and priced at $34.99 USD, the Untitled Goose Game Lovely Edition includes a physical copy of last year’s goose-based indie hit. Also packaged is a map of the game’s town drawn by artist Marigold Bartlett, a mail-order style catalog featuring the items from the game and a fun anti-goose sticker, all in eco-friendly packaging. Another added bonus of this edition: It is completely region-free and able to be bought and played anywhere and on any PlayStation 4. The goose is loose and worldwide.

This release of Untitled Goose Game will be the first release from iam8bit to feature its eco-friendly packaging. “We’re no strangers to engineering unique and crazy packaging, and we’ve spared no expense to prototype dozens of variations of our eco-friendly alternative to plastic game cases… which has led us to this moment. Untitled Goose Game is the perfect title to team up with for the debut of PS4 packaging that we hope leads an entire industry into the future,” the company said. The packaging is 100% recycled materials, as is the paper the map is printed on.

Be sure to preorder soon, as supplies are most definitely limited. Current shipping plans means you’ll get your copy of the game in Q3 of 2020. Also be on the lookout for a vinyl soundtrack from the game which is also available for preorder, just in case there hasn’t been enough vinyl news for your liking today.