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Earthlock 2 Announced for Current-Gen and Next-Gen Platforms, Will Feature Real-Time Combat

A sequel to 2016’s Earthlock: Festival of Magic is in development, Snowcastle Games has announced. Aptly titled Earthlock 2, the game will offer a “completely different” experience than its turn-based predecessor and will feature real-time combat. However, the sequel will be set in the same world.

“Without revealing too much, fans and newcomers alike can expect a dynamic and unique experience providing the player with meaningful choices that will allow them to leave their mark on the world,” Snowcastle CEO and co-founder, Bendik Stang, told IGN. “The game takes place on the planet Umbra which has stopped spinning. This means half of the world is perpetually scorched in sunlight, while the other half is completely shrouded in darkness. Along the center where the two zones meet, is another area that gets the best of both worlds.”

Earthlock 2 is being developed with Unreal Engine, and Snowcastle Games aims to make the best use of next-gen hardware.

“It took the team quite some time to get up to speed with the new engine but no one on the team now regrets that decision,” Stang continued. “Earthlock 2 is a much more ambitious project than Earthlock 1, and we want to make use of the next-generation consoles as best we can.”

An official overview is as follows:

The Earthlock series is set on the planet of Umbra, which has stopped spinning on its axis, meaning half of the world is completely shrouded in darkness, while the other half is constantly baked in sunlight. Along the border in the middle, there is an area that gets the best of both worlds. The game’s story centres around a group of friends who must set out to find and rescue their missing family members.

Earthlock 2 will be an open-world action RPG with complex interlocking systems that work together to offer players extensive freedom to customize their own experience.

Earthlock 2 will release in 2022.

[Source: IGN]