8.8 Million Foxes Petted and Other Ghost of Tsushima Stats After the First 10 Days

Want to know how many enemies have cowered in fear at the might of the Ghost? Or how many times players have watched Jin’s bare rear end as he steps gently into a hot spring? PlayStation tallied a few numbers from the first 10 days after Ghost of Tsushima’s release, revealing that there are clearly not enough people petting foxes after using the animals’ guidance to locate Inari Shrines.

Sony revealed that Ghost of Tsushima had become the fastest selling new IP for PlayStation after its first three days, selling more than 2.4 million copies. If we make a broad estimate on sales beyond the first three days, it might be between 4-5 million for these initial 10-day stats, but let’s really lowball it and say 3 million, which at least provides some frame of context for these numbers.

ghost of Tsushima stats 10 days

In the first 10 days, players have engaged in a combined total of 156.4 million standoffs, honorably facing down their enemies rather than sneaking up behind their backs. 57.4 million proper duels have been had with other great warriors and worthy foes. and 139.4 million enemies have fallen to the ground in fear of the Ghost’s sheer and terrifying might.

ghost of Tsushima stats 10 days

8.8 million foxes have been petted while 37.8 million Inari Shrines have been honored, proving without a doubt that way too many people do not pet the fox to say thank you after locating an Inari Srhine. 17.1 million bamoo strikes have been completed, and at seven pieces of bamboo per strike, that’s nearly 120 million cut pieces of bamboo. And 15.5 million photos have been taken, which seems like far too low of a number considering I have at least a couple hundred just myself. It’s the primary reason I have yet to finish this game despite actually getting it early. I’d be curious to know how many times photo mode has even just been activated in total.

ghost of Tsushima stats 10 days

Players have spent a combined total of 810.3 years on horseback. 16.2 million Onsen (hot springs) have been visited, raising Jin’s health by incremental amounts through soothing baths. 14.2 million terribly composed haikus have been written at beautiful spots around Tsushima island. And 28.1 million flute songs have been played. Yes, Jin can play the flute, changing the weather at a moment’s notice. These numbers are all in the first 10 days, tracking through July 27th, so if you’ve added to them in the last four days, they won’t be counted among these stats.

How about that Platinum Trophy? While Sony hasn’t revealed exact numbers, the Platinum currently sits at 4.4% of total players having earned it. Depending on total sales, that’s somewhere in the ballpark of 150K to 220K Platinum Trophies earned. Given Ghost of Tsushima’s relatively player-friendly Trophy design, I expect that ratio to increase over time as more players nab the POlatinum for themselves. I plan on getting it soon enough, if somebody can tear me away from take a new photo mode picture at every new battle, place, person, fight, scene, tree, shore, shrine, field of flowers, and anything else that’s even remotely beautiful (which is… everything).

Ghost of Tsushima recently received a new update 1.05 which added a new difficulty option and a few other small changes to the game. You can purchase Ghost of Tsushima now if you haven’t already.