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Sony Increasing Collaboration Between Anime and Games, Aims to Deliver Anime to Fans Around the World

In its annual report for 2020, Sony Corporation has revealed that it plans to increase its focus on Japanese anime, with the aim of delivering the content to fans around the globe via its video games, music, and picture segments.

The report also states that Sony will continue to work on converting its PlayStation IPs into movies and television shows, sharing examples of projects that we’re already aware of: an Uncharted movie and HBO’s television show based on The Last of Us.

A statement reads:

We have been making films using the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, a particularly successful endeavor the last few years. In addition, we have been developing movies and television shows based on IP from PlayStation games, and reactivating IP we already own, such as Jumanji and Bad Boys.

Anime, which spans our Game, Music and Pictures segments, will be an area of increasing focus as the embodiment of One Sony. We aim to deliver Japanese anime to fans all over the world through our proprietary anime DTC services, such as Funimation. Since anime and games share a high affinity among customers, we will enhance collaboration between them. 

Elsewhere in the report, Sony confirmed that the Uncharted movie is still scheduled for release in 2021. Sony Interactive Entertainment, which holds rights to over 100 game titles, will “accelerate the filmization of game titles” in collaboration with PlayStation Productions as part of the company’s IP synergy endeavors. One such endeavor that Sony quoted the example of is Spider-Man. The company believes that releasing Spider-Man movies and video game content will help maximize the character’s appeal.

[Source: Sony]