Despite the Long-Running Tradition, FIFA 21 Isn’t Receiving a Free Demo

Electronic Arts will not roll out a free demo for FIFA 21 ahead of the title’s forthcoming launch. While demos across the board have been cast to the wayside in recent years, FIFA counted among the few franchises that kept the tradition alive. In fact, this marks the first time this console generation that a FIFA entry will hit stores without a free trial going live ahead of time. Of course, EA Play subscribers still have the option to experience the title via Early Access.

Apparently, the decision to nix the usual demo for FIFA 21 is due to the team’s needing to focus on delivering the “best full game experience” across two console generations. That much was made clear in an announcement post on the official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account. Check out the tweet below:

Such news is especially concerning given the myriad issues that beset EA’s recent launch of Madden NFL 21. If FIFA 21 similarly fails to meet quality standards, the public likely won’t know until much closer to release in early October.

FIFA 21 hits the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One on October 9th. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions are scheduled to arrive later in the year, with a free next-gen upgrade for current-gen buyers.

[Source: EA Sports FIFA on Twitter]