New Map and 4v4 PvP Mode Added to Predator: Hunting Grounds in Latest Free Update

The team at IllFonic spent the summer working from home and has plenty to show for it. Predator: Hunting Grounds‘ largest free update yet will go live today. The content introduces the all-new Excavation map and a 4v4 PvP mode known as Clash. In addition, today’s update adds a quickplay menu for players to select between Hunt and Clash modes. IllFonic is also upgrading the loadout options from five to 10, ensuring more choices are available to all.

IllFonic designed the Excavation map to challenge each player’s level of skill, with hand-to-hand combat becoming an essential tool for success. The map’s lore paints a picture of a former ground zero dig site, to which many scientists ventured in search of artifacts hidden deep within the jungle’s cave system. Of late, however, the Stargazer mercenary fleet has taken over. Still, curious players are sure to encounter missions and Easter eggs worth taking a closer look at.

Excavation’s multi-level cave system will require the Predator and Fireteam “to think vertically and spatially.” And the tightly packed spaces are where a player’s hand-to-hand combat skills, or lack thereof, are bound to make or break an unexpected encounter with the enemy.

predator hunting grounds update

In a PlayStation Blog post, Lead Designer Jordan Mathewson describes the new Clash mode as the “ultimate 4v4 PVP.” This addition transforms the tension seen in Hunt into an “unpredictable, high-octane battle.” Clash drops two Fireteams onto one of Hunting Grounds‘ maps for a match that lasts about 15 minutes. Each Fireteam has one goal–capture a certain location before another capture area spawns.

Teams receive a point whenever a new location is captured; the match ends once all territories are claimed. There does exist one twist, though. During the match, both teams fill up their Predator meter by gaining points and slaying foes. When the meter fills, the Fireteam unlocks “Predator mode,” allowing one member to assume the role of Predator.

However, players shouldn’t consider this an instant win. Unlike Hunt, the player who becomes Predator won’t have access to advantages such as second wind and target isolation. You only get one shot as Predator once the meter completes; if the extraterrestrial hunter dies, the player respawns human once more.

IllFonic’s Predator: Hunting Grounds is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]