Mass Effect Legendary Edition Pops Up Again With a Rating in Korea

Yet more evidence has surfaced that the Mass Effect trilogy is receiving a remaster in the form of Mass Effect Legendary Edition. This new development in the ongoing saga of EA’s worst kept secret comes from Korea’s Game Rating and Administration Committee. In September, the Korean committee rated the Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which made its way onto the board’s public website today.

A screenshot of the rating appears in the image below, courtesy of Gematsu:

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

This rating serves as just another bullet point in a long list of evidence pointing to the Mass Effect remaster’s existence. Speculation about the collection’s release has been making the rounds since last year. Yet, rumors picked up steam earlier this year, thanks to claims made by VentureBeat journalist Jeff Grubb. In August, Grubb alleged that EA originally had plans to release the collection in October, but the same report then claimed its release could slip (thanks to 2020).

It now seems the rumored project won’t launch until early 2021, however. According to Grubb, quality issues with regards to the original Mass Effect entry “not holding up” continues to stall the collection’s launch.

Despite the unceasing rumors, reports, and leaks EA and BioWare remain mum about the Legendary Edition’s existence. They why of it is still a mystery. What’s also unclear is whether or not the supposed collection will make its way to next-gen platforms. Thus far, Grubb’s reports and various retailer listings have only made mention of current-gen hardware.

Mass Effect’s most recent release, Mass Effect: Andromeda, launched for the PS4, PC, and Xbox One in the spring of 2017. The future of the franchise is rather vague, but BioWare promises there are still “so many stories yet to tell.” As yet, it remains unclear how BioWare plans to tell those stories, but allowing players to revisit the original trilogy would be a good start.

[Source: via Gematsu]