People Can Fly Details What to Expect from Outriders’ Endgame Content

As previously promised, People Can Fly has outlined what players can expect from Outriders‘ post-campaign offerings. The endgame content, dubbed Expeditions, will come in the form of “tough-as-nails missions” that allow players to unlock some of the game’s most powerful gear.

People Can Fly and publisher Square Enix shared the first details on Expeditions in a recent “Post-Campaign Content” video. Check it out below:

Just because players complete the campaign-based content, which may last upwards of 40 hours long, does not mean the story of Outriders will come to a close. In Expeditions, the narrative continues on in one form or another with new and “mysterious points of interest” that pop up. In addition to fresh mysteries and stories, players will begin to uncover additional resources in Expeditions that are essential to unlocking more powerful equipment.

Don’t go in expecting to become an overpowered tank that mows through everything in sight, though. People Can Fly designed the post-campaign mode as a “vicious but highly addictive” experience teeming with challenges. These missions will count among the game’s most difficult, meaning players will want to be at their absolute best in terms of character build and equipped gear. Teaming up and coordinating with a squad of skilled players should prove to be of equal importance.

The three-player co-op title was on track to launch later this year, but has since received a relatively short delay. Outriders will now arrive early next year on February 2, 2021 for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms. A Google Stadia release is planned for sometime later in 2021.