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Sony to Start Packaging PS Camera Adaptor in PSVR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle

For those who want to use their PlayStation VR on PlayStation 5, a PS Camera adaptor is required. Because of this, Sony has been allowing fans to request a free PS Camera adaptor online. But new PSVR owners will soon have an easier way of getting their hands on the little device. Starting at the end of this month, the PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle will come packaged with the adaptor.

The bundle as it currently stands includes a PSVR headset, PS Camera, two Move controllers, a physical copy of Marvel’s Iron Man VR, and Demo Disc 3.0 for $350 USD. Whether or not the bundle’s contents will change in any significant capacity by month’s end remains to be seen. But customers can be certain it will feature the PS Camera adaptor for use on PlayStation 5.

Sony announced the news this morning in the following post on PlayStation’s official Twitter page:

Again, this deal will only prove beneficial to PS5 owners, or future owners, who don’t already own a PSVR headset. All who have the VR device in their possession and plan on picking up a PS5 can get the PS Camera adaptor at no extra cost via the manufacturer’s website. Residents of Canada, Mexico, and the United States can request the adaptor via this link. Everyone else should be able to make a similar request here.

Sony hasn’t shared a specific date regarding when the PlayStation VR Marvel’s Iron Man VR Bundle with the adaptor will begin appearing in stores. Expect it at the end of this month, though.

[Source: PlayStation on Twitter]