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Bethesda Parent Company ZeniMax Founder and CEO Robert A. Altman Passes Away

Bethesda founder and CEO Robert A. Altman has passed away. News of his passing was announced by the official Bethesda Twitter, with a statement from the company.

The statement from Bethesda shares an email from Altman to the rest of the company, one of the weekly correspondences he would send out during the pandemic to keep in touch.

To the ZeniMax Family,

Last week I mentioned some small pleasures I had discovered as a byproduct of the lockdown. Some of you have since written to share your own experiences and describe other quiet joys WFH [work from home] bring: the growing number of song birds in our backyards, quieter streets, adventurous efforts backing bread and mixing cocktails, long walks, restaurant takeout, time to read. While we clearly miss treasured social interactions, something valuable has been gained too.

We know many are feeling the pressure of isolation, and the stresses related to our current circumstances. Again, I urge you to make time for yourselves daily schedule online social gatherings, and keep your perspective, knowing this will pass.

Tomorrow I encourage everyone to take a break to toast our Company’s 21st virthday, and reflect on the long journey we have taken together. You have done something extraordinary, something few startups will ever do. You have created a multinational, multi-billion dollar business, stocked with talent at all levels of the company, carding out a leadership role, earning the admiration of our toughest competitors and devoted fans. And you have done it the right way, always faithful to our core principles of integrity, respect, team, quality. Don’t let the day pass without taking a moment to enjoy your remarkable creation.

Looking forward to being back together. As always, stay safe.

Altman spent his early life practicing law before founding ZeniMax as a parent company to Bethesda. Altman was married to Wonder Woman actress Lynda Carter. Their son, James, serves as the Director of Publishing Operations for Bethesda.

Altman was 73 when he passed. His cause of death is currently unknown.

We wish the best to Altman’s family, ZeniMax, Bethesda, and all those affected by his passing. May he rest in peace.