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Former Nintendo Executive Thinks E3 2021 Plans ‘Don’t Sound All That Compelling’

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has yet to unveil its plans for E3 2021, but from what he’s read so far, former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime doesn’t think that the event sounds “all that compelling.”

Once an event that the games industry, media, and fans looked forward to, E3 has struggled to retain its relevance in recent years. Last year’s onslaught of the pandemic only made things worse as an increasing amount of developers, publishers, and media partners set up their own digital events.

Fils-Aime believes E3 still has potential if executed right. However, the event’s current direction lacks promise. Speaking to Gamertag Radio (via Video Games Chronicle) he added:

To play for the first time is what’s magical and the platform holders need to figure out how to deliver that experience to their fans during an E3-like digital experience. I think that would be huge. What I’ve read, as I said, doesn’t go down that path, and if you don’t have all of these different elements working together – so the big announcements, the hands-on, the opportunity in a well-defined timeframe to have all of these announcements – I think that’s what’s key to a successful E3 in the future and candidly, if the ESA doesn’t do it then other people will.

Industry professionals have debated the relevance of E3 ever since the ESA shifted the event’s focus from a trade show to one that heavily leaned on public attendance. The ESA opened E3 to the general public with little planning and organization, causing a number of issues for participants.

As for what’s next, we’ll update our readers when E3 announces its plans.

[Source: VGC]