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Massive Bungie Studio Expansion Prepares for a New IP and Expanding the Destiny Universe into Other Media

Bungie is planning a massive studio expansion that will help the independent, employee-owned developer launch a new IP within the next four years and bring the Destiny Universe to even more mediums outside of games. The expansion comes with a new studio space nearly triple the size of the current studio, as well as a new international office in Amsterdam. It’s also planning a big expansion of personnel and staff, including multimedia experts that will help support the Destiny Universe beyond the game series.

Bungie CEO Pete Parsons said the last several years have been a period of extreme growth for Bungie. The new changes see the addition of Trace Harris and Viacom CBS’ Pamela Kaufman to the studio’s board of directors. “Pamela and Trace also bring incredible media and entertainment experience, and we’re looking forward to taking advantage of their proven acumen as we continue to build the future of our company,” Parsons said. Trace Harris, a finance and strategy executive, and Pamela Kaufman, President of Global Consumer Products for ViacomCBS join NetEase’s Simon Zhu as external members of the board to help Bungie expand its expertise in multimedia IP expansion.

January 2021 began a massive undertaking expanding and redesigning its headquarters to support the planned growth. The studio’s footprint will expand from 84,000 sq. ft. to more than 208,000 sq. ft. The primary drivers behind the studio expansion are to “increase the commitment to the long-term development of Destiny 2, tell new stories in the Destiny Universe, and create entirely new worlds in to-be-announced IPs.” Award-winning architect NBBJ is designing the new space to focus on the culture of collaboration that Bungie already enjoys. It will also account for a hybrid remote and on-site staff. It’s planned completion is fall 2022.

2022 will also see the opening of Bungie’s first international expansion, an office in Amsterdam focused on global business and the Publishing and Marketing divisions.

A number of new people join Bungie’s leadership team, including Luis Villegas (Chief Technology Officer), Danielle Porter (Chief Financial Officer), and Don McGowan (General Counsel). Mark Noseworthy (Vice President, Destiny Universe) and Luke Smith (Executive Creative Director, Destiny Universe) are preparing to expand the Destiny Universe into additional media beyond the games. Justin Truman is now leading the continued development of Destiny 2. Finally Jonny Ebbert (Chief Creative Officer) and Zach Russell (General Manager, Incubation) are leading the teams prepping Bungie’s new IPs, at least one of which is planned to release before 2025. Jason Jones becomes Chief Vision Officer, tasked with unlocking the potential of Bungie’s creative leadership.

The new announcements of growth and expansion bode well for any fans of Destiny and Bungie in general. Renowned for its creation of the Halo series and subsequently creating the shared-world MMO looter shooter, Destiny, Bungie has received a lot of acclaim for its talent and creativity. Fans are eager to see what’s coming next from the studio, as well as glad to see continued support and attention being given to Destiny 2 as the game continues its fourth year (the franchise’s seventh year overall).

[Source: Bungie]