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Don’t Expect Dying Light 2 Release Date Announcement on March 17, Says Techland

After reassuring fans that Dying Light 2 isn’t in development hell and chalking its silence up to announcing the game early, Techland has asked fans not to expect a release date on March 17th.

In a post on its Discord channel (via MP1st), the studio said that Wednesday’s update is all about giving fans a better idea about what’s going on, and make the wait “easier.”

The post reads:

Honestly, to keep the expectations in check, I can say already that there won’t be a release date announcement, but there will be more than simple ‘the development is going smoothly.’ It’s a dev update after all. You as the community will have a better understanding of what’s going on and hopefully it will make the wait a little bit easier. And look at this from the bright side: there wont be any delay announcements either. Also saw some people that are worried we might announce canceling the game – won’t happen either.

Multiple reports over the past year or so have claimed that Dying Light 2‘s development is in trouble. Techland continues to deny this, despite losing senior staff members. At one point, rumor had it that Microsoft was in talks to acquire the studio – another report Techland denied.

“There was the same rumor floating around the internet one year ago and the situation didn’t change,” a community manager wrote in response to the acquisition rumor. “Techland is an independent studio and it was not acquired by another publisher.”

We’ll have more on Dying Light 2 for our readers on Wednesday, March 17th.

[Source: MP1st]