Apex Legends Legacy

Apex Legends: Legacy Update Introduces Titanfall 2 Antagonist’s Daughter as New Legend

Apex Legends Season 8 is drawing to a close and the new season is due to begin at the start of next month, with quite a few more connections to Titanfall. Developer Respawn won’t be calling it Season 9 though; instead, the season will be called Apex Legends: Legacy. Amongst the new content and gameplay it will introduce is a new legend, who just happens to be the daughter of one of Titanfall 2’s main antagonists.

Kairi Imahara is the daughter of Viper and she’s looking to avenge his death. She never knew exactly what happened to him, just that he left one day and never returned. She grew up in his legacy and has already made a name for herself as one of the best titan pilots. Now she’s looking to create a legacy of her own by joining the Apex Games and players will get to know her better under her callsign Valkyrie. While she won’t have her own titan, she will come with a rocket-firing jetpack that players can see being created at the end of her story trailer.

As well as the new Legend, the Bocek Bow will be the season’s new weapon. The bow can inflict “tremendous” damage in the short-medium range, but it will take some skill to wield. The Olympus map will also get a bit of a face lift thanks to an infestation that leaves it covered in roots and natural growths. As usual, there will be a new Battle Pass, Ranked season, and update featuring plenty of bug fixes and gameplay improvements too.

The new season will add “a ton” of Titanfall content, some of which is yet to be revealed. Respawn’s Communications Director Ryan Rigney confirmed they’ll be announcing “one more pretty huge thing” next week, although he once again reiterated it will not be titans in the game. The new season is due to be released on May 4 and is all part of the game’s ten-year plan; bearing in mind the game has just celebrated its second anniversary, there will still be plenty to come.

[Source: EA, Twitter]