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Apex Legends Will Get ‘a Ton’ of Titanfall Content in Season 9, But This Doesn’t Include Titans

Apex Legends is set in the same universe as Titanfall, and it seems like the former is soon going to be getting more crossover content from the latter. In a Twitch stream hosted by BrownGirlGamerCode, Game Director Chad Grenier confirmed Apex Legends will be getting “a ton” of Titanfall content when season 9 arrives, although he later confirmed this wouldn’t include titans.

Senior Writer Ashley Reed already confirmed they were “trying to integrate Titanfall” into Apex Legends because the former depicted what was going on during a war. The latter “is what happens after the war, like what is life like in this place?” As such, “Titanfall’s very much a part of the universe”. While Grenier didn’t go into specifics of what that ton of season 9 content was likely to be, he did say “there’s gonna be some really cool stuff there”.

Respawn has already been integrating Titanfall content into the game throughout previous seasons including many of its weapons. However, as reported by @TitanfallBlog on Twitter, Grenier later went on to say the season 9 content wouldn’t include Titans because they “don’t have any plans” to add them to Apex Legends “at least in the current roadmap”. Recent leaks seem to suggest otherwise, though. An upcoming character called Kuben Blisk has been shown deploying a titan in leaked test build gameplay footage. The auto-titan was able to fire suppressive bullets, scan the surrounding area, and follow the player before self-destructing. Grenier has said it doesn’t mean titans won’t ever appear in the game “someday in another mode”, especially if the developer ever follows through on the possibility of the game expanding beyond battle royale, but whether the footage is a true indication of upcoming content remains to be seen.

In the meantime, season 8 continues onwards having added a new Legend in the form of explosives expert Fuse, a new weapon, Gold-tier magazines, and a severe shake up of the King’s Canyon map. EA’s latest financial results stated they would be looking to expand the franchise and aim for a new audience by releasing the game on new platforms, including a soft launch of Apex Legends Mobile. This is all part of the game’s ten-year plan and Respawn has no intention of developing a sequel to the game anytime soon.

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