Lost Soul Aside PS5

Lost Soul Aside is Coming to PS5 Too, Check Out 18 Minutes of New Gameplay

During today’s PlayStation China event, developer Ultizerogames revealed Lost Soul Aside is coming to PlayStation 5 alongside its PlayStation 4 release. The game also got 18 minutes of gameplay footage, the first that’s been seen since 2018.

You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of the game before. Lost Soul Aside was originally created in 2016 as a response to a trailer for Final Fantasy XV. The game’s “fantasy art style, something like combining Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaidenwas so well received it sparked a bidding war between several companies. Sony won that war, providing support to Ultizerogames as part of the China Hero Project and turning the game into a timed PS4 exclusive. As development has crept on well past the game’s initial release window of 2018, it only made sense to bring the game to PS5 as well.

Set ten years after a war unleashed monsters across the world, protagonist Kazer has been declared a fugitive. His companion is a crystal dragon-like creature from an ancient race, Arena; the creature can transform into a variety of weapons, a hoverboard, slingshot, wings, or pretty much anything that will help. Kazer is hunting for mysterious crystals for an unknown reason but he meets plenty of opposition. The last we saw of the title was updated gameplay in 2018. That’s now been rectified with a new 18 minute video showing the game in action.

Despite the years of silence, the game’s development is still “progressing well” and the team has increased to around 30 members. The composer of the game’s soundtrack has been freshly revealed too: Cody Matthew Johnson is known for his work on Devil May Cry 5, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite, and the Resident Evil 2 remake. While the title missed its 2018 release window and was then intended for release before the end of 2020, Covid-19 led to further delays and the game missed that window too. Right now, we don’t have a new timeframe for the game’s eventual appearance.

[Source: Twitter]