Overwatch Cross-Play Now Live Along With Ashe’s Deadlock Challenge

As promised, Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch has received cross-play support five years after the game’s launch. You can now team up with your friends across PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, and PC by simply creating a Battle.net account and linking it to your console. Step-by-step instructions are available on the official Overwatch website.

Cross-play will be enabled for all game modes except Competitive. In order to ensure that ranked matches are fair, Blizzard has split players into two categories: console and PC. This means that PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo players will be able to play ranked matches together whereas PC players will stick to the PC pool.

If you’re in a group that includes PC or mouse & keyboard players, you’ll be placed in the PC pool for competitive matches. PC players who use controllers will also stay in the PC pool regardless of their input method. Additionally, console players who team up with PC players will have their aim assist disabled in order to ensure that matches are fair.

Cross-play is currently in beta phase so expect some hiccups. Unlike PC players, console players have the ability to turn the feature off. However, doing so may result in longer queue times.

In addition to cross-play, the Ashe Deadlock challenge has gone live. Check out the clip below for details.