flexispot gd01 gaming desk review

FlexiSpot GD01 Gaming Desk Review – Large and Functional

The COVID-19 pandemic drastically shifted many of us to the work from home lifestyle, even if it was temporary or otherwise unplanned. For some of us, working and playing are one and the same—the staff at PlayStation LifeStyle, for instance, may play games at the same desk on which they type up their reviews. FlexiSpot reached out to us about reviewing one of their latest desk models, and we’ve put the desk through its paces and have our FlexiSpot GD01 Gaming Desk review ready below.

FlexiSpot GD01 Gaming Desk Review – Well-Packed

The FlexiSpot GD01 ships in a fairly large box, weighing a bit over 50 pounds. Inside is everything you’ll need to assemble the desk. Notably, while the desk is 63 inches wide, the actual surface of the desk ships in two pieces. Each piece is surrounded by a premium foam, and happily I can report it arrived undamaged, even if delivery carriers tend to be rough on large items. If you have the space, this desk will look great in any modern setup. The desk appears to be constructed of pressed wood, with a black carbon fiber-like print on both sides. It’s pretty understated, and the narrow height of the desk surface, combined with thin legs, makes for a large desk that somehow doesn’t look as large as it is when it’s installed.

A very basic instruction manual is included, but thankfully FlexiSpot has also included a video on their product pages. Assembly will take most people an hour or less, and common sense will prevail if just a few minutes are taken to look over the various steps and screw types ahead of time. For instance, our review unit came with mislabeled screws: the instruction manual called for “M” screws of varying length, but all of our screws were labeled with an “S.” Thankfully, each screw type was easy to discern from one another, and the desk was put together will little hassle. The height of this desk is adjustable, but realistically this can only be done at the time of assembly. Setting the height is as simple as choosing which two holes in the legs of the desk a few screws will go into, however attempting to do so after it has been assembled will be more manageable if it is flipped over and adjusting the legs that way. You won’t be able to change the height on the fly while using the desk with items on its surface.

FlexiSpot GD01 Gaming Desk Review – Should Survive YOU

Just how do you put a desk through its paces, anyway? Mostly, you just use the thing and see where you notice any weaknesses or obvious design flaws. The desk is rated to hold 176 pounds, or about 80 kilograms. This should be plenty of support for three monitors, several video game consoles, a desktop computer or two, and of course accessories such as controllers, headphones, mice and keyboards, etc. A headphone holder clip can be installed on the left, while a drink holder goes on the right. They are non-adjustable, but also very handy if you can manage to remember they are installed there—the screws that install these pieces are very small, however, which doesn’t instill much confidence in their ability to take a hit or two. It will take me a while still to not simply set my headphones on the desk when I’m getting up. Also, despite all screws being installed quite tight, the desk still had quite a bit of horizontal wobble to it. Not enough to rock it noticeably while playing games on it, but enough to notice when not doing much else.

Also included with the FlexiSpot GD01 is a full-desk mousepad. It is mostly black, with an EKG-like red line that runs horizontally, along with the name of the company. This style will not suit everyone, but it is a way to mask the fact that the desk has a seam right down the middle where the two pieces of the desk surface come together. Gamers who’ve never had an oversized mouse pad are in for a treat here, though, since the mat covers the entire surface of the desk, even including cutouts where the wire holders are set. Any type of mouse will work with this pad, and it naturally prevents slippage thanks to the rubber on the bottom, and the added weight of whatever has been put on the desk to keep the pad in place.

FlexiSpot has produced an affordable ($220-$250 depending on site and available discounts), adjustable desk that can surely handle most gamers’ setups. With a large footprint, it won’t exactly fit everywhere, but if you’ve got the space and are looking for this kind of desk as a solution, the GD01 should check most of the boxes of a good desk and be a reliable performer throughout console and system upgrades. Some nice included accessories, such as the headphone and cup holders and an under-desk cable management net, ensure that a clean-looking setup can be achieved and maintained with minimal effort. An easy installation and full-sized mousepad help to add value, and most people will be happy with a purchase of this desk.

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