New Returnal Update

New Returnal Update Just Went into Beta and It’s a Whopping 6GB Larger Than Before

A new dev version of Returnal has recently gone into beta and could indicate a big update on the horizon. The new update is reportedly 6GB larger than the game’s original file size. While the contents of the update are unknown, the sheer size increase could suggest that new features and content may be added to the game in the near future.

The folks at @PlaystationSize on Twitter spotted the update via the PSN database. Though developer Housemarque has released patches for Returnal that fixed trophy and save data corruption issues in the past, this is the first time a new update has been released for the Returnal beta dev version since the game’s launch back in April. The file size in and of itself is worthy enough for speculation, though it’s important to note that beta versions of games are subject to change.

One of the more highly-requested features from fans is mid-run saves, which would help with runs that can last pretty long depending on how far you go in the game. Housemarque also mentioned earlier this year that it was “very actively” working on implementing the feature. However, the solution would also have to reckon with the game’s inherently roguelike nature which arguably has the inability to save in the middle of a run as a core mechanic.

Another possible addition is a photo mode, as we noted in our review was something we wanted to see. Considering Returnal is a PS5 exclusive with absolutely stunning visuals, environment, and enemy designs, it’s almost criminal that the game hasn’t gotten a photo feature on the level of other PlayStation exclusives like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

Returnal has been praised by many, including Hades creative director Greg Kasavin, and even Sony itself, who stated that the game was a “mega-hit.” Sales numbers have also performed remarkably well considering the shortage of PS5s caused by the pandemic, as Returnal reached over half a million units sold just three months after release.

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