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Epic Finally Admits Fornite’s Impostors Mode Borrows From Among Us, Teases Collaboration With Innersloth

Months after attracting criticism for blatantly copying Innersloth’s Among Us without giving the studio any credit, Epic Games has officially acknowledged that Fortnite‘s Impostors is inspired by the indie title.

Innersloth wasn’t bothered about Impostors having the same concept as Among Us; its developers were peeved that Epic Games failed to put its own spin on the idea and copied Innersloth’s mechanics and layout.

It looks like both companies have shaken hands since then because not only has Epic Games publicly acknowledged being inspired by Among Us, it’s also teasing a collaboration with Innersloth.

See the exchange below.

This wasn’t the first time Epic Games was accused of plagiarism. PlayerUnknown’s Battleground developer PUBG Corp previously threatened to sue the developer for ripping off its battle royale mode. However, things eventually cooled down.

We’ll update our readers when the aforementioned collaboration is officially announced.