Among Us Horse Mode

Among Us Horse Mode is Real But is Only Available for a Few More Hours

Last year, a couple of weeks after April Fool’s Day, InnerSloth decided to ask what players thought would happen if their Among Us characters were turned into horses. Today, on April Fool’s Day 2022, they decided to find out. Among Us Horse Mode is real but is only available for a few more hours.

What is Among Us Horse Mode?

Among Us Horse Mode is a free update that is available until 8 pm EST on April 1 and will appear automatically for players on the current PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. All Crewmates and Impostors are “a more cursed four-legged version of themselves”. Kills will be accompanied by a new kill animation and “neigh” kill sound voiced by InnerSloth’s programmer Gary because “it was much better this way.” Unfortunately the horses can only wear hats and visors and InnerSloth warned there might be “some janky visuals” because it was merely “a joke side project”.

Among Us

PlayStation players can enjoy a more permanent addition in the form of Ratchet & Clank cosmetics. These include Ratchet’s Hat, Ratchet’s Outfit, and a Clank Pet. The collaboration with Insomniac Games is available for free for all players on v2022.3.29. The free update, released on March 31, also included the addition of a Friends List and Ghostface cosmetics in the form of a Scream Mask and Scream Robes. The Ghostface cosmetics are only available until April 30.

Full patch notes for v2022.3.29 can be found on the InnerSloth website. The developer also said players shouldn’t expect any new features for the next game update as the team is “focusing on fixing a bunch of bugs and improving the flow of the game”. More details will be available at a later date.

In other news, lawmakers are piling on the pressure for regulators to review Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision. This is due to concerns “about consolidation in the tech industry and its impact on workers”. Elsewhere, Firesprite Studio is apparently making a AAA narrative-driven horror adventure.