The Game Awards 2021 Announcements

Over Half of The Game Awards 2021 Will Be New Game Announcements

In a behind-the-scenes podcast, Geoff Keighley reveals that over half of The Game Awards 2021 will be dedicated to new game announcements. Additionally, there will be some announcements of games scheduled to release 3 to 4 years in the future. Keighley also reveals that some of the announcements were originally planned for last year’s TGA 2020.

Keighley revealed key details about the upcoming TGA 2021 in the second episode of the official Behind the Scenes podcast on Spotify. As ResetEra user modiz transcribes, there’s some pretty important information about what fans can expect at the event. Most notably, the previously teased “double-digit” new game announcements will make up over half of the event, with the rest likely relegated to existing game announcements and musical performances.

Specifically, Keighley predicts that at least two games will highlight the capabilities of the next generation of consoles. He also reveals that the first few trailers of the event will include “surprises that will make people excited”. Furthermore, some of the games that will be announced at The Game Awards 2021 were apparently supposed to be revealed during last year’s show. Keighley states that this year’s show is also lighter due to the pandemic, but that next year onwards will “be very busy”.

This year’s show won’t be perfect, however. Some of the announcements will also be for games that won’t release anytime soon. Keighley even says that fans might be disappointed at the absence of certain games.  Furthermore, Keighley states that many of the new game reveals will involve trailers with CGI graphics, and will likely be the same amount as last year’s event.

He specifically mentions Hellblade 2‘s reveal trailer, stating how fans will likely compare it to new gameplay footage. Whether this means that Hellblade 2 will appear at The Game Awards 2021 is not confirmed. He also adds that the team is working to find the right balance between gameplay, trailers, and CGI footage.

The Game Awards 2021 will air on December 9, 2021.

[Source: ResetEra]