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Dying Light 2’s Campaign Can Be Completed in 20 Hours, Techland Clarifies

Over the weekend, Techland sparked a conversation about Dying Light 2 length when it tweeted that the game’s full completion will take 500 hours. While some welcomed the news, others felt that “500 hours” wasn’t a selling point for them and in fact discouraged them from making a purchase. Seeing all the discourse, Techland issued a clarification, stating that Dying Light 2‘s campaign can be completed in roughly 20 hours and stressed that 500 hours are required to see “everything the game offers.”

Dying Light 2 length: How long are the side quests?

In a press release, Techland revealed that those who want to complete all side quests, learn about the world, and engage with all the characters will be looking at an investment of around 80 hours or more. For comparison, the developer pointed out that completing the campaign and side quests in the original game took approximately 30 hours on average but “many players went on to invest hundreds of hours in the game.”

So what exactly takes 500 hours? All of the above plus finding every collectible, listening to all the dialogue, finding every Easter egg, pursuing all endings, and visiting every nook and corner.

Opinion: Dying Light 2 length sparked quality concerns more than anything

Zarmena writes… I think it was pretty clear that Techland meant full completion when it floated the idea of 500 hours. However, the conversation that took place over the weekend wasn’t simply about sinking time into video games. Many are concerned about the quality of content, and rightly so. That said, Dying Light 2 campaign’s length is pretty reasonable so there isn’t anything to worry about….yet.

In other news, rumor has it that Final Fantasy 16 ended up delaying the reveal of Square Enix’s next PlayStation exclusive, and the DualSense got a fan-made adapter for one-handed use.