PlayStation Wrap Up 2021

Playstation Wrap Up 2021 Is Live but Not Working for Some

Sony has launched the PlayStation Wrap Up for 2021, which allows players to have a look at their stats for last year. The only problem is that the website isn’t working for everyone with only a few able to generate their accomplishments on PS4 and PS5 so far.

Why is PlayStation Wrap Up 2021 not working?

To get your own personalised stats, head over to the PlayStation Wrap Up site and make sure you’re signed in with your PSN account. As usual, there’s a few terms and conditions that mean players must be over the age of 18, played more than 10 hours throughout the year, and consented to the collection of “Full Data” from their PlayStation 5 system settings. If you don’t meet this criteria, especially the bit about the collection of “Full Data” the wrap up likely won’t work for you.

Once done, you’ll get statistics like the number of games played, earned Trophies, playtime on PS4 and PS5 titles, and your most played game of 2021. There’s also global statistics from some of the biggest PlayStation exclusives released throughout the year, like Returnal, Death Stranding Director’s Cut, and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. Some of the more interesting factoids include the Malformed Kerberonyx being the most dangerous enemy in Returnal, or that 88.9% of players defeated Dr. Nefarious in Megalopolis in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.

I personally found out that I spent nearly 700 hours playing PS4 and PS5 games last year. More than 300 hours of that time was spent in the Hitman World of Assassination trilogy, but I did mange to add 10 Platinum trophies to my collection too. How about you? Make sure to add your PlayStation highlights of the year in the comments below!

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