Capcom Countdown Street Fighter 6

Capcom Countdown May Now Be Pointing to Street Fighter 6

Capcom is currently holding a mystery countdown site that is due to end on February 20. With no other hints as to what the countdown may be about, fans have been left creating their own theories. While previous theories thought it might be a Resident Evil reveal, the latest is that the countdown will be when Capcom reveals the much-awaited Street Fighter VI.

Is Capcom counting down to Street Fighter 6?

The countdown is due to end at 9PM PT on February 20, which is the final day of the Street Fighter Pro Tour final event. This year is also the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter franchise, and when Capcom revealed the Street Fighter logo for the occasion, they also told players to “please look forward to the future development of the Street Fighter series”. A Street Fighter VI announcement would be a perfect fit, especially as it was one of the games accidentally unveiled during a massive Capcom database leak at the end of 2020.

Another hint towards a Street Fighter announcement was when the Capcom CAP-JAMS band Twitter also linked to the countdown announcement, as noticed by IGN. The band has composed music for several of the more recent Street Fighter projects.

The last Street Fighter game to be released was Street Fighter V in 2016. The game has been updated steadily over the following six years, getting five full seasons of content and more than 2,000 DLC items. The last character to be released was Luke, a new fighter who Capcom said would “help expand the world of Street Fighter and provide fans with a glimpse into the future”.

In other news, the rumored Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck LEGO set has been officially announced and comes with an Aloy minifigure. The set releases in May. Elsewhere, Netflix has announced they’re making a BioShock movie in collaboration with 2K and Take-Two Interactive.